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Honda Lead 125cc

Engine Size: 125CC

Daily Rate ฿400

Weekly Rate ฿1200

Monthly Rate ฿3000

The Honda Lead 125CC stands out as a top pick for those looking to discover the wonders of Chiang Mai in style and comfort. Its sleek design and efficient performance ensure that riders can effortlessly access all the local sites and tourist attractions that make Chiang Mai a must-visit destination. Whether you’re planning to explore the ancient temples, vibrant markets, or scenic mountain roads, the Honda Lead 125CC provides a reliable and enjoyable ride for every type of adventure.

Not only is this bike perfect for weaving through the city’s bustling streets, but its user-friendly features also make it an ideal choice for riders of all levels. From beginners to seasoned motorcyclists, anyone can appreciate the Honda Lead 125CC’s balance of power and maneuverability. Plus, its ample storage space is a bonus for those who like to travel with essentials, ensuring you have everything you need for a day out exploring.

While the Honda Lead 125CC is a fantastic option for short to medium distances within Chiang Mai, it’s important to consider your travel needs for more extended expeditions. For journeys that take you further afield, where you might encounter a variety of terrains and longer travel times, a larger motorcycle might be more suitable. Bikes with higher cc ratings offer increased power and stability, which can contribute to a safer and more comfortable ride over long distances.

Additionally, if you’re traveling with a companion, we recommend evaluating the comfort and safety of having two riders on one bike. While the Honda Lead 125CC can accommodate a passenger, for longer trips, having one rider per bike may enhance the overall riding experience. This approach not only ensures that each rider has enough space but also reduces fatigue, making the journey more enjoyable for everyone involved.

In summary, the Honda Lead 125CC is an exceptional choice for anyone looking to explore Chiang Mai’s unique blend of historical, cultural, and natural attractions. Its convenience, ease of use, and agility make it a highly recommended option for city tours and short excursions. However, for those planning more extensive adventures or traveling in pairs, considering a larger bike and one rider per motorcycle might better suit your needs, ensuring maximum enjoyment and safety on your travels.


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